Unboxing NYCC Nerd Block

img_5647Nerd Block released another con exclusive box for this years New York Comic Con. I have never been one for subscription box services, but after researching some of their previous con exclusive boxes decided to give it a try.

A complaint found with some of the previous exclusive boxes for C2E2 and Emerald City Comic Con were they were delivered after the cons, though they were advertised to be delivered before. The NYCC box came decently in advance, almost too early but this better guarantees all boxes are delivered on time.

There are seven exclusive items, while the other three can be obtained commercially elsewhere. The non-exclusive items included: Harry Potter Gryffindor socks, TMNT show laces, and The Walking Dead Projector Light Keyring.


The socks are the most practical and I can imagine myself actually wearing them in winter. The TMNT laces are probably aimed more at children, though they have the 1980’s design of the turtles. If you are not a fan of The Walking Dead then the keyring doesn’t do much, especially since it isn’t a proper flashlight.

The highlights of the box are the NYCC items, which include a t-shirt and lapel pin.


There are three colors you could get for the t-shirt: red, black or grey. The red isn’t bright and something I may wear to NYCC. The pin is modeled after New York’s sewer covers, though I can imagine it being mistaken for a TMNT pin from a distance.

The other exclusive items of note were the Voltron wallet and Infinity Gauntlet.


Infinity Gauntlet

There were a possible four designs for the wallet, which is thin and lightweight. It can’t hold much, but is sturdy and very good quality. The Infinity Gauntlet is the only item in the box you know you were getting, as Nerd Block started promoting it halfway through sales, presumably to sell the remaining boxes. It is of decent quality and perfect for any desk or bookshelf.

The remaining exclusive items in the box were a slight letdown. These included a Disco Spiral print, Ghostbuster Slimer Springz, and IDW Revolution #1.


The print is by Ramón Pérez, but is signed digitally and overall a weird piece of art to include in the box, especially since previous boxes had autographed celebrity photos and Spiral is not the most known character. I can see some people liking the Slimer Springz but cannot imagine putting it on a dashboard of a car as intended. As for the comic, I will always like exclusive covers, just wasn’t expecting a comic based on Hasbro toys.

Overall you get you money’s worth with this box ($39.99 plus shipping), but I will probably try to give away many of these items. It was definitely worth getting the box for the NYCC shirt and the Infinity Gauntlet, but I cannot imagine myself ordering another box.


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