Traveling to a Forbidden Planet

Moving to another city, especially in another country, can be a shock. While London is in an English-speaking country it didn’t feel anything like the New York City I grew up with. Not to mention I embarked on this adventure without knowing anyone and praying everything would work out. New city, new roommates, and new job were what welcomed me.

In the beginning my time was spent adjusting to life and visiting some tourist attractions. I didn’t feel I truly belonged in London until I was told about a little shop on Shaftesbury Avenue. I had been at work two weeks when some co-workers found out I loved comic books and overall nerd-culture. It was to their shock then that I had never heard of Forbidden Planet, a cult entertainment megastore in central London.

That weekend I found myself walking Shaftesbury Avenue, trying to find what I assumed was going to be a dinky little comic book store for admittedly my expectations for foreign comic books stores was low. I was gladly proven wrong. The first flow really lives up to its ‘cult’ name and had all types of figurines, shirts, toys, notebooks, costumes, and everything Doctor Who. There was even a life-size T.A.R.D.I.S. during from first visit. Then there was the downstairs, with floor to ceiling shelves filled with graphics novels, manga, movies and novels.

It may sound strange but just walking into this store I knew I made the right choice in coming to London and felt like it could be my city.

Forbidden Planet is truly a nerds/geeks dream and has something for everyone. They also host author signings and even sell exclusive signed books, incase you can’t make a signing. I have two signed Neil Gaiman books thanks to them.

Now whenever I find myself in London I need to visit Forbidden Planet at least once, if just to add to my Neil Gaiman collection.

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