NYCC 2016 – Artist Alley

Artist Alley, or any artist exhibition, is my favorite part of almost any convention. While it is always enjoyable walking the showroom or attending events, Artist Alley is always the highlight. Here you get to interact with the artists, some of whom draw your favorite comic books. It doesn’t hurt being able to pick up exclusive art, commission art, or get some comics signed.

While all the artists are great, there were a few specific prints I had to add to my collection this year. My favorite acquisition came from MJ Erickson (@kreugan), who had one of the few The Wicked + The Divine prints in the entire exhibition. If you haven’t read it, The Wicked + The Divine is a must read comic about a group of gods who are reincarnated every ninety years. One of the best characters in the series is Luci (Lucifer), who MJ captured beautifully in this print. It was a pleasure talking with MJ and she even pointed me in the direction of some other artists with The Wicked + The Divine prints.


Another standout artist for me this year was Alice X. Zhang (@alicexz), whose table was constantly packed with people. Some girls standing next to me said they buy multiple of her prints every year, to the point they don’t know where to put them all anymore. Alice may best recognized for her Doctor Who comic covers and her images from live action television series. This year her Stranger Things prints were very popular, with her smaller prints of Eleven selling out Saturday. I personally liked her take on animated films and added some small prints to be collection.


Finally, it is alway a pleasure to stop by Ryan Ottley’s (@ryanottley) table. He is the artist of the majority of Image’s Invincible and simply one of my favorite comic book artists. I had gotten some smaller non Invincible prints from him in the past, but this year I decided to get some for Invincible. The series ends next fall and it simply felt like the right time to get these, with one hopefully becoming a gift when framed and matted.



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