Nerdy Travels Preview

Welcome to the Nerdy Travels preview! Later this year Nerdy Jane will launch Nerdy Travels, a website dedicated to showing you the nerdy places to visit in Europe and how to make the most of your travels. Until then I will be bringing you some articles on personal nerdy stories from my previous travels and living in Great Britain. I figure I start this off with a location I stumbled into one day during lunch.

It seems the majority of films and television shows are now partially filmed in London. Two years ago I was walking around Bishopsgate when I wandered into a television set. Many other passerby’s had gathered across the street trying to figure out what was filming. Luckily some brave soul decided to ask the police officer standing nearby. We had found one of the sets of 24: Live Another Day.


None of the principal cast members were there, but it was still fascinating to watch the process and the amount of time and effort that goes into filming a scene I believe was cut from the series. This particular scene showed extras running away from a traffic accident and presumed gunfire. I watched at least three takes of the scene before I had to leave, but it was still a treat to find, showing you never know what will be around the corner, even on familiar streets.

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